LANBAI is a leading lawfirm focusingonemployment and Chinese labor law. We provide legal services for the labor-management issuesand labor relatedlawsuits. Besides the traditional services, LANBAI has proven successful track records in planning and execution of corporate risk-hedge solutions for business transactions and restructurings. Managingpartner,GeorgeLu,established LANBAI in 2007. He also acts as the director of the Shanghai BAR Association Labor Law Study Committee. LANBAI is a fast-growing boutique law firmand serving multinational organizations and major Chinese companies.... More


    The principle of enterprise management is to pursue benefits and avoid harm and damages, and the market place can often resemble a battlefield with many hidden and unpredictable dangers. A company’s human resources are its most important capital, but they are also every business’ greatest risk. LANBAI offers a variety of professional services, from risk defense to risk treatment and removal, in response toclients’ demands for complete legal services in every aspect of labor law. Daily Legal Support •Provide legal services for daily HR management issues •Draft , estimate, and revise legal documents •Provide workshops regarding labor laws, relevant regulation... More